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Explain Tides One More Time?
Friday, 13 October 2006

We recently found this article with a fantastic animation clearly showing the difference between spring and neep tides. You can find the original website here:

Kokatat Hires Canadian Sales Reps
Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Kokatat is pleased to announce that Nikki Rekman and Mark Scriver have accepted the position of sales reps for Canada. Nikki will be covering Western Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and Mark will be covering Eastern Canada including Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces.
So I had a really interesting experience out paddling last weekend. I went out paddling with one of my regular paddling friends. We are both at a fairly high skill level. We like to get out surf and play around in bumpy waters. This past weekend I was reminded just how quickly a controlled situation can quickly spiral out of control and into a potentially life threatening situation. We teach rescue clinics both beginner and advanced all the time but we recently discovered that we rarely practice rescues in the extreme conditions that are truly a challenge for us. I hear the same thing happens to aerobic instructors. They are leading programs all day but because they are leading for beginners, they are not getting much benefit out of it due to the low level of intensity for their level. The wind was blowing really good. The surf was up and rolling in at around 3-4 feet. It was really 3-4 feet, not your fish story measurement...  We decided before we went out that we would spend the morning practicing rescues. After busting through the surf, I decided to come out of my boat and reenter and roll. No problem there. I’m back in my boat, my paddling friend hooks up to me with his pig tow and starts to paddle into the waves. The idea was to provide some positive traction so I didn’t get broached in the waves. I started pumping but realized that it was fairly futile as the waves were just pouring in just as quickly as I was pumping. While this was going on, my friend (let’s call him George) gets bowled over by a rogue wave. The stern of his boat surfed over and hit me in the torso promptly knocking me over. Now we are both upside down and tied together. In the process, George lost his paddle and the surf took the spare off his back deck. George releases his pig tail and is now swimming. I roll back up and I am kinda laughing to myself. It was just a month…

Lesson Plans Added
Monday, 09 October 2006

I stated going through my hard drive and formatting my lesson plans for posting. I also started a new category for user manuals for paddling gear like GPS or VHF radios. They sometime come with interesting technical information that is interesting for gear geeks like myself.
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