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Sunday, 01 October 2006

It has been a busy evening of finally uploading the different resources that I have been collecting over the past week. I have been collecting documents specifically on the environment and low impact camping. One of the really interesting ones was a paper titled, "Disturbance of Natural Vegetation by Camping: Experimental Applications of Low-Level Stress". It studies 4 different campsites for one night that were previously undisturbed. After going back one year later, they still saw traces that somebody had camped there before. Very interesting... On another note, I was recently a guest on the TechTV show, "Call for Help". They wanted me to come in and talk about the latest and the greatest camping gadgets. Not a big deal but it was kind of fun to yack about stuff.
As kayaking instructors, we take on the roll of "salesperson" as much as or even more than we do the roll of "instructor". I like using the metaphor of sales, because we are in a unique position in which students pay money for you to introduce them to the sport. If you don’t do a good enough job "selling" the sport of kayaking on the first day, they won’t enjoy themselves and move on to another sport. This is your only chance to help develop a passion for the sport you love.
BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - Eureka! today announced that its Freedom Tent has been awarded the prestigious da Vinci Award® by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Michigan Chapter, for its design innovation which provides increased access and independence for people with disabilities. The da Vinci Awards® recognize individuals, organizations and corporations in the engineering, construction and technical fields whose design innovations help empower people with disabilities and exceed government mandates. The Eureka! Freedom tent was one of six products recognized in 2006 international competition.

Techno Kayakin'
Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Special thanks to Sean for providing the PowerPoint presentation that he used for a recent presentation he made at the Georigan Bay Kayak Symposium. He was speaking on technology and it’s place in kayaking. Some of the topics included are: VHF radios, Satellite phones, EPIRBs and making your own weather station. Download the presentation here.  
This article comes from Point 65N Kayaks from Sweden. Gel-coat is the material which is used to create the glossy colored finish on the hull and deck. It is also the first material that is applied to the form, when building the kayak. Apart from generating the beautiful glossy finish on the kayak, the gel-coat’s function is to protect the fiberglass laminate - the boat’s main material – from moisture.
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