So, I just got home from a kayak rolling pool clinic that I was teaching. It was a whole lot of fun (at least for me). On the way home, I was thinking that it is probably the hardest thing that I teach as an instructor and the one teaching item that nobody talks about. Here is where I need your help. I want to start to create a list of teaching tips and resources specifically for teaching sea kayak rolling. What works for you? How do you help your students? What props/games do you use to get your idea across? Send me your comments and I will try to put them in a giant list of tips and ideas. You can also post your tip in the comments below. Oh, yeah. Just found a cool lesson plan that the American Canoe Association developed. It is a really cool lesson plan specifically on teaching rolling. You can find it here.

Paddling with Wisdom
Wednesday, 13 September 2006

"Oh Summer paddling, happens so fast...Oh Summer paddling, gives me a wet @$$ (rump)..." Just like the song from the classic movie "Grease" people suddenly find themselves getting the itch or back into dipping their blades. With paddling sports offering an excellent opportunity for you to explore the water, then woods; folks are flocking in increasing droves. The places are abound and given you are playing in their world, wildlife has no choice but to interact. I have taught several now in the ways of the paddle and I recollect a query from one student after a wet exit practice from a Kayak comment "This paddling thing is pretty good stuff, is there any way you can do so and not get wet?" I did have to collect myself a bit and returned with - "I assume only one thing when I do a water activity; I am getting, in some way shape or form, wet!" In fact, your biggest trick in the Maritime Provinces (key word - maritime) is staying wet and warm. I did applaud the individual for growing the most important tool you need in your tool box though - their brain. By taking a course this individual acquired a solid perspective on rescue, personal skill ability and the reality checks on some of the actual risks taken when out on the water.
Leading the way in warm weather sun protection, Kokatat Watersports Wear recently introduced their Destination Hand Covers which are designed to protect the back of your hands from the sun yet still leave your fingers and palms exposed to wrap around the paddle shaft for a positive grip.  The gloves are made from SPF 40+ rated material which provides effective sun protection without the need for sunscreen which can wear off throughout the day if you don’t reapply.

Water will be getting colder...
Monday, 11 September 2006

Thanks to Derrick Mayoleth of for providing some really valuable resources. We just uploaded two really good resources on hypothermia. One of them is a really interesting chart showing the time it would take for somebody floating in water to lose dexterity and consciousness and survival. We also added two really cool resources. One is a great article on what to look for when you purchase a new boat and the other is on kayak nomenclature.

Site Update #10,000
Friday, 08 September 2006

Things have been busy around here. We reviewed the Kokatat Destination Hand Cover’s as well, we started thinking about our responsibility of teaching rescues.
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