MEC Source PFD
Sunday, 25 June 2006

A year and a half in the making, Mountain Equipment Co-Op has just released their first MEC branded PFD. Called the Source, it comes in several different colours with slightly different designs for both men and woman.  What sets this apart from the majority of other PFD’s on the market is both design and manufacturing materials. The flotation inside uses a cross-linked Polyethylene foam which is much better for the environment during the manufacturing process then traditional PVC foams. They claim that the PE foam is also more buoyant and better aging.
Ferndale, Wash - Necky Kayaks, a leader in the design and development of performance kayaks, today introduced their latest innovation, the Eliza.  Necky’s first sea kayak designed specifically for the petite to medium framed female, the 49-pound Eliza is one of the lightest polyethylene boats in the day-touring category and offers women a sleek, responsive boat with a superior ergonomic fit. Named for one of the isles in the famed San Juan Islands, the fifteen-foot long Eliza is ideal for day tripping and suited for female paddlers of all skill levels.  The chine and rocker profiles, combined with the Eliza’s slight V-shaped hull, create a balance of stability, tracking, maneuverability and reduced drag that will help smaller paddlers achieve a comfortable touring pace on the water.  Add to that a lower deck profile and compact, women’s specific cockpit design and the result is a kayak that provides optimal control for the female paddler.
So you want to become a paddling instructor do you? Good choice. The first thing you need to do is to get connected with your local paddling club or school and take some classes to make sure that your paddling skills are at a demonstrative level. That means that you need to perform all the required skills for the level you are going to be teaching perfectly. Once your paddling chops are up to speed, you need to take an actual instructor course. During the course you will learn how to actually teach the skills that you have been diligently working on. You will also learn for example, how to look at a forward stoke and figure out what is wrong with it and how to help your student improve. You have chosen a wise and enlightened path young grasshopper. Take a peek at our links page for local schools and paddling Associations that can help you get started.
Arcata, CA – Team Kokatat is comprised of a group of hand picked world class kayaking athletes, whose passion and perseverance in the sport has raised them to the top. These "down to earth" unique individuals are natural ambassadors who convey the ‘culture of Kokatat’ to the rest of the world by being themselves, by accepting nothing less than the best, and by exceedingly pushing the limits of their abilities. From holding World Championship titles and completing successful first World Records to helping kids with cancer achieve their dreams, Team Kokatat paddlers are extraordinary in sport, in personality, and in style.
Some time ago I read in Sea Kayaker a not very complimentary review of a UK video on sea kayak rescues. I did not see the video until much later, but I can only say that I agree with Sea Kayaker’s reviewer: it is a video of value only for learning what not to do.
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