Thursday, 21 March 2013 08:00

A Brand New Kayaking Stoke: The Haghighi

New kayaking strokes (let alone one that you can actually use) come along once in a blue moon but I think we might have a possible winner here with The Haghighi. Taught to us by Leon Sommé from Body Boat Blade, The Haghighi is intended as a very powerful stroke when you need to turn your kayak downwind or if you need to quickly turn and catch a wave downwind to surf. Leon explains the whole thing in the video below so take a look. I haven't played with it yet so I'm keen to see what you think about it after getting out on the water and trying it out. Post your comments below. Cool history to this stroke, it was invented by Leon's dentist, Dan Haghighi.
Wednesday, 28 January 2009 00:14

How to Remember Students Names

If you are like me, you are terrible with trying to remember your student's names. I'm so bad that I once forgot my kids' names during a job interview and had to make hem up. It took me 2 weeks to tell the story to my wife. Yeah, it was bad...Knowing the names of your students is so important because you will connect with your students better and build that bond of trust faster. Also, in an emergency, you can keep control of the situation significantly better hopefully leading to a more positive outcome.
By L. Dee Fink Reprinted from the University of Oklahoma Instructional Development Program, July 19, 1999 Many teachers today want to move past passive learning to active learning, to find better ways of engaging students in the learning process. But many teachers feel a need for help in imagining what to do, in or out of class, that would constitute a meaningful set of active learning activities.
Kayaking instructors, I have a challenge for you. When we teach forward stroke, we emphasize using torso rotation for greater endurance and strength rather then just using our arms. I have absolutely no problem with it. It makes sense to me as an advanced paddler and I believe strongly in it.
Sunday, 10 June 2007 18:50

Using video in your Coaching

Preparing to use video in coaching. Introduction: Video is a flexible and powerful tool for the coach, its level of use is dictated by the coaches ability with the camera and confidence in it's application as part of the normal coaching process. The strength of video lies in it's ability to capture movement and speed rather than fixed shots. Many coaches are, needlessly, nervous because of the technology involved and it's application. The video should be built into normal coaching activity and viewed as additional to coaching activity.
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