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Long Distance Instruction

Vedharajan BalajiWe recently got an email from Vedharajan; a new paddler living in India. He is training for a large expedition to raise awareness about coastal conservation in that area. We posted info about the campaign a couple weeks ago in our news section.

Vedharajan is working on rolling. Not an easy task with little resources and fellow rollers in his area. I am sure you can relate. He got started after reading a few online articles and watching videos on Youtube.

A couple of days ago, he wrote me to see if I could help him out with some pointers. Since he wasn’t going to pay for a plane ticket for me, Vedharajan did the next best thing and sent me a couple of videos of his rolling attempts to see if I could help steer him in the right direction.

I sent back a couple of comments but then got an idea, why not open the videos up to the teaching community to see what suggestions we can collect for Vedharajan.

Here’s the rules, be constructive and be nice. What would you suggest if this was your student right in front of you? Remember when you were learning to roll, what advice worked for you?

Post your comment and Vedharajan can learn from our collective knowledge. I will update this as I get more videos and progress reports.

Long distance learning for sure.
First attempt at rolling:

After some initial pointers it is coming along:



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