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Lightning DVD Review – Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

Simon Willis was very kind to send me late last week a preview copy of the new DVD that he produced and directed; Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.

Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown was developed to be an extension to Gordon’s very good book by the same name. Like the book, the DVD is aimed at intermediate paddlers and provides a video reference to the many skills need on the water.

Before I started watching the DVD, I was a little worried that the instruction component was going to be as boring as the other 10 instructional DVD’s sitting my by shelf but I was pleasantly suppressed with this one. Simon did a great little trick with the editing. He took the story of a group of paddlers taking a four day journey along the coastline of the Isle of Skye in Scotland and wove the instruction components throughout their trip. For example, as the group encounters strong headwinds, the film flips over to teaching mode with Gordon showing us some strokes and techniques to help you out in those conditions. It’s a great technique that kept me interested and allows students to see the practical aspect of each stroke immediately. Simon does a great job of making the whole thing a lot less like a textbook and more like a documentary.

Playing in Tidal Currents with Gordon BrownThroughout the DVD, Gordon goes over several different strokes and techniques including kayak fit, forward stroke, sweeps, bow draws, cross bow draws, playing in tidal currents, rock hopping and many others.

As I mentioned earlier, the version that Simon sent me was a preview copy which means that it’s about 90% complete. In the nice note he included with the DVD, Simon said that even though the editing is done, there are still some adjustments to be made for the final version including DVD menus, sound editing tweaks and such.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the final version. Gordon is one of the premier instructors out there and no doubt you will pick up a couple of teaching ideas to work into your own lessons. I know I did.

Watch for Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown to be in European paddling shops sometime in November. North American customers will need to wait until early 2010 before you can get your mits on it. Simon has a blog post explaining the delay.

If you are looking for a full review of Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown, head over to the website. It’s a very good and in-depth review.

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