Tom Cruise stopped by Charles River Canoe and Kayak near Kendall Square on Monday (Sept 14th) to do some kayaking and get a private lesson. It's said that the good Hollywood actor even helped put the boats away afterwards.Now that he has taken some instruction, would suggest that he flies over to Italy pronto and teach how to Sharon Stone. We found out last week that her forward stroke stunk.There is a great comment that was posted here about Mr. Cruise kayaking in Boston.
If you are the type of person who dreams of winning over Hollywood vixen actress, Milla Jovovich; I believe I have figured out the quickest route to make it happen and it all involves sea kayaks.The Resident Evil star recently gave an interview where she said, “I get a thrill out of doing dangerous stunts. In [the movie] 'A Perfect Getaway' I have to steer a kayak close to sharp rocks, miles off the coast of Puerto Rico. It's dangerous - there's a very high tide and if my boat tips over I'll go face-first on to the rocks.”
The Jonas Brothers are AWSOME! Aghhhhhh! They can do anything! But wait, they can do even more! They can paddle cardboard canoes.The dreams of 13 years old girls everywhere came true at the Saddlebrook Resort in West Chapel, Florida where they took part in a photo-op teambuilding exercise where they had to build their own boats and paddle it across the pool.
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi were seen out kayaking a couple of days ago on the isle of Capri in Italy while on vacation Look for the photo in the 2009 Hobie Kayaks catalogue! Ahh young Ellen, every time you open your mouth, I start laughing (in a good way). More info: (We know you want to go there, we did!)
After catching up on my latest celebrity gossip, I found this little clip and couldn't resist posting. Celebrities are soooo much better then we are... Justin Timberlake, chilling aboard a pal's yacht anchored in Marina del Rey bay, watched idly as two preteen boys paddling in a kayak suddenly stood up, began a mock sword fight using their paddles - and instantly capsized their craft, spilling into the drink!   When neither boy surfaced right away,Timberlake - in shorts and a shirt - quickly dove over the side and swam about 200 feet to where the youngsters had finally popped up. Visibly frightened, the boys were trying to right the unstable kayak - and retrieve the life jackets they should have been wearing. Justin ordered them to hold onto him, righting the kayak just as the kids' father came scooting up on a Sea-Doo.
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