The Jonas Brothers paddle cardboard canoes for your pleasure.

Friday, 05 September 2008
Kevin Jonas, front, and Greg Garbowsky race in a cardboard boat Thursday at Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel.?The Jonas Brothers are AWSOME! Aghhhhhh! They can do anything! But wait, they can do even more! They can paddle cardboard canoes.

The dreams of 13 years old girls everywhere came true at the Saddlebrook Resort in West Chapel, Florida where they took part in a photo-op teambuilding exercise where they had to build their own boats and paddle it across the pool.

Here is the play-by-play action:
"The brother are lining up, the pop-gun goes off and they are in the water! In the water folks! Nick, Joe and Kevin are going at it. Oh no! Nick has sunk after 5 feet. Don't worry folks, Joe and Kevin are still afloat, Two feet to go, Kevin's boat is taking on water, can he hold on? Joe is taking the lead and YES! Joe (the cute one) has won!"

Whew what a race.

As 13-year-old super fan, Nadine Albadawi said, "The Jonas Brothers are real! That's all that matters! They're real!"

I can officially say, my life is now complete.

Interested in pretending you are a member of the Jonas Brothers? Head over to Fraser River Heritage Park near Mission, BC where Mission's Celebration of Community will be holding a cardboard canoe race on September 20.

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Photo Credit: Keri Wiginton, St. Petersburg Times
David Johnston

David Johnston

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