Look who is Stand Up Paddling Now: The Rockstar Edition

Thursday, 12 December 2013

All through my teenage years (and pretty much up until mid-last week) I wanted to be a rockstar so bad and the fact that I couldn't play and instrument or sing didn't stop me from dreaming I was Slash in GnR's wicked awesome video for November Rain. I mean how cool is that scene where he leaves the wedding service (half way through!) and walks into the desert just to go play a guitar solo? Both amazing and inspiring.


So with all those rockstar dreams floating around in my head, I always had a little soft-spot for them doing stuff on the water while they are not rocking it out on stage.

Here is a little round-up on rockstars out on stand-up or surf boards:

Eddie Vedder on a SUP.

Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. He loves stand-up surfing so much he was out on the morning of his wedding in Waikiki back in 2010.


Ben Harper on a SUP

Ben Harper


Steven Tyler from Aerosmith on a SUP.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith proving that rockstars can be both sensitive and sexy on the water. Tie up that drawstring good buddy! Hey, did you know he also has really weird looking feet?


Kirk Hammett from Metallica surfing. 

Kirk Hammett of Metallica. Here he is at Pipeline.


Taylor Swift on a SUP. 

Taylor Swift. At least she is holding the paddle correctly unlike Ed Sheeran below.


Ed Sheeran on a SUP.

Ed Sheeran. My oldest daughter says he is dreamy.


Kid Rock on a SUP.

Kid Rock also likes the SUP.


Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chilli Peppers on a surf board.

Anthony Kiedis and Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers on a surf board.

Anthony Kiedis and Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They have both been surfing forever. Remember when Anthony went through that rough patch when he was in a surf gang in Point Break? Glad he got out of that scene.


Rick Rubin on a SUP.

Legendary Producer, Rick Rubin. Flea was out teaching him how to SUP during a break during the recording of I'm With You.


Elvis surfing.

The King showing us how surfing is really done.


Lady Gaga surfing. 

Lady Gaga surfing Punta Mita.


Bruce Springsteen on a SUP. 

Bruce Springsteen. Glad to see that The Boss is the only one in our collection with any safety sense...


Robert Plant surfing.

Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin.


Billie Joe Armstrong surfing.

Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day

Joey Ramone surfing

And because he was the coolest, Joey Ramone. Shot sometime back in 1977.


Joey Ramone being awesome.


David Johnston

David Johnston

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