Justin Timberlake Rescues Two Boys

Friday, 17 August 2007
Sweet JustinAfter catching up on my latest celebrity gossip, I found this little clip and couldn't resist posting. Celebrities are soooo much better then we are...

Justin Timberlake, chilling aboard a pal's yacht anchored in Marina del Rey bay, watched idly as two preteen boys paddling in a kayak suddenly stood up, began a mock sword fight using their paddles - and instantly capsized their craft, spilling into the drink!

When neither boy surfaced right away,Timberlake - in shorts and a shirt - quickly dove over the side and swam about 200 feet to where the youngsters had finally popped up. Visibly frightened, the boys were trying to right the unstable kayak - and retrieve the life jackets they should have been wearing. Justin ordered them to hold onto him, righting the kayak just as the kids' father came scooting up on a Sea-Doo.

As the kids clambered up behind Dear Old Dad, Justin retrieved their paddles and tied the kayak to the Sea-Doo - then one kid recognized him and yelled: "WHOA...you're Justin Timberlake!" After thanks from all, Justin told the boys: "Never screw around on boats - and wear those life vests!" Then he swam back to his pal's yacht and took a long nap.

Source: nationalenquirer.com

David Johnston

David Johnston

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