Bar named after back-from-dead kayaker John Darwin

Friday, 16 May 2008
Here is a funny update to a story we reported on back in December.

A small bar in the town where the back-from-the-dead kayaker, John Darwin lived has decided to rename their bar in honour of him. The Sinatra's Bar is officially been renamed as, "The Seaton Canoe" in honour of John.

For those out of the loop, John became famous back around Christmas when he walked into a police station in the UK saying that he couldn't remember a thing for the past 5 years. He was last seen kayaking along the shore near his house. After an extensive search, he was declared dead and his wife was able to claim the life insurance money.

Five years later it was discovered that he and his wife were living it up in Panama.

Richard Lakey who owns the bar said, "I am sure it will cause a few smiles."

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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