Running from the law in a canoe won’t get you very far

Wednesday, 10 December 2008
Jason Dube appeared in court in Campbellton, New Brunswick on December 2 to face charges of obstruction of justice. He was stopped by a fisheries officer who tried to pull him over last summer but rather then stop, he took off in his canoe down the Restigouche River.

After he thought he got away, he was stopped down stream by another officer.

After he pleaded guilty in court, the judge was going to fine him $200 until he found out that Jason was a river guide. The fine was upped to $250 when the judge told him that he should have known better.

Jason Dube said he had been doing nothing wrong and that his decision to run for no reason was "an error in judgment on my part."

I'm just trying to imagine how the chase went down. I can't believe it was a high speed chase and I figure it was similar to that famous scene on Seinfeld where George is trying to get away form the seniors on the electronic scooters.

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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