Secret Life of AT-AT’s – I had no idea they liked kayak surfing!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009
AT-AT Kayak Surfing. Photo Credit: NickIsConfused

Here is a quick snap that NickIsConfused on Flickr took of an AT-AT getting ready to go kayak surfing. Its part of a really funny photo collection called The Secret Lives of AT-AT's. There you will see our little friend surfing, playing with the cat as well as walking down the road broken hearted after getting his heart broken...

As kids, I knew that AT-AT's were perfect for crushing the little plastic Jedi Warriors on the carpeted floor of my cousins living room but little did I know they also liked taking long walks on the beach or sticking their heads through cat flaps all cute-like. I guess they are more sensitive then I was giving them credit and for that I would like to apologize to all AT-AT's who might be reading my blog today.

See the full collection here.

David Johnston

David Johnston

David Johnston has been introducing people to the sport of sea kayaking for the past 15 years. He is a senior instructor trainer with Paddle Canada and teaches for several paddling schools in Ontario, Canada. Full Bio.

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