Canoe in Print Ad Sadly Part of a Photoshop Disaster

Wednesday, 05 January 2011

Victoria's Secrets Photoshop Disaster

We all know the world of modeling and print advertising is fake. If you didn’t know its fake, let me tell you that it is F-A-K-E. I once had a kayaking student who worked in an advertising company where he photographed cereal bowls for packaging. I believed him when he said your average bowl of cereal is made up of about 10-15 different photos.

Usually ads are pretty well and don’t notice the trickery but sometimes they are thrown together with pretty poor results which in turn provides for some great content for

Here is a recent flyer ad for The Bay up here in Canada. Want guess the problem? A couple clues: A poorly oversized bow, knees that are not at the right height and seem to be different sizes. What about that her right shoulder? It seems to have been made out of thin air. Finally the shoes seem to be different sizes.

Hudson Bay Ad - Disaster!

Disaster! How did that get passed by the ad executives?

Behind all that chaos I gladly discovered a canoe in the ad. Did you know that the canoe photographed is part of a limited edition series of canoes commissioned by Hudson Bay Company and built by Langford Canoe? It’s part of HBC’s limited edition heritage edition to mimic designs from the fur trade era. I can’t confirm the price but somebody posted here that they were in the $6,000 range. I have a feeling they were mainly designed for in-store displays or executive gifts.

You can find more info about the canoe here.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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