Sleep like a mummy in your very own pharaoh sarcophagus sleeping bag [Cool Gear]

Thursday, 17 February 2011

I recently stumbled upon an online shop based out of Japan that sells highly decorated sleeping bags. I don't read Japanese so I don't have a lot of information but what they are lacking in details is made up by overwhelming class and style.

Behold the Pharaoh sarcophagus mummy sleeping bag. Hands down the greatest looking piece of outdoor gear I have seen in years and shame on US manufacturers for not designing something this cool.

Pharaoh sarcophagus mummy sleeping bag

Also available is an anatomical sleeping bag that would be fantastic for making my arm muscles look way bigger.

Anatomical Sleeping Bag

If body organs and former dynasties are not your thing then you can pretend you are Jonah getting swallowed by a giant fish every time you go to bed.

Fish Sleeping Bag

They all are available for 6,090 Yen or about $75 US.

If you have ever wanted to see how sleeping bags are manufactured then today is your day. Ben and Josh from produced a great video of the manufacturing process when they recently made a pilgrimage to United States only remaining major sleeping bag factory in Haleyville, Alabama. The video is below.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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