Custom Paddle Air Guitar lets You Shred like the Rock God You Are

Friday, 23 March 2012

badger paddles poppa badger

My friend Fiona from Badger Paddles sent me photos of a canoe paddle they made for a customer who has as serious as air guitaring as I am.

Fiona wrote:

This is my dad, Poppa Badger *laughing* and the other is just before they got a sealer coat. They are being varnished right now and will be shipped out very soon.

As a three-time air guitar champion*, I love everything about the paint job and I’m imagining how awesome Smoke on the Water or that wicked solo from November Rain would sound.

Awesome; that’s how it would sound.

The Badger Paddle Air Guitar

*Air guitar champ in my head only.

Photo credit: Badger Paddles

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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