Campers tie peeping Tom suspect to tree to wait for deputies

Monday, 27 August 2007
Don't mess with these guys. On a recent camping trip in Oregon a couple campers heard a rustling in the bushes near the woman's latrine. When they went to investigate, they saw a man running from the bushes so they tackled him and tied him to a tree until the police arrived.

The amazing thing about it is that this isn't the first time it happened. It seems that the same guy did it last year but got away. At the time, they took down his license plate but there wasn't much the police could do at the time.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 18.
David Johnston

David Johnston

David Johnston has been introducing people to the sport of sea kayaking for the past 15 years. He is a senior instructor trainer with Paddle Canada and teaches for several paddling schools in Ontario, Canada. Full Bio.

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