Guess what I just got in the mail!

Monday, 30 June 2008
Silly Helmet CoverI just got a big puffy package in the mail. Heart thumping, I quickly opened it up and much to my delight; it is a helmet cover from the company, "Silly Helmet Covers". At least they aren't taking themselves too seriously.

I wrote about them a couple of weeks ago when I discovered the site and fantasized about owning one for my surf helmet. Special thanks to Martin and Stevan from Silly Helmet Covers for sending along one to try out.

For those who don't know, the latex covers are designed to go over top of your motorcycle helmet but can be easily trimmed down for smaller watersports helmets. They sell several different models of various amounts of spikes on top.

I have seen helmet modifications out on the river in the past but nothing says, "I play World of Warcraft" quite like this.

I will post a couple of photos when I get it mounted up in a couple of days.

Just got to figure out how I am going to teach with it. On the plus side, it will fulfill my lifelong dream of putting fear into the hearts of my students.

Hagar the Horrible

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Hagar the Horrible

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David Johnston

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