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Sunday, 28 September 2008
Kokatat Supernova Angler Paddling Suit2009 is going to be a big year for new Kokatat products. Unveiled for the first time at the Outdoor Retailer show this past August, look for Kokatat to make available new paddling footwear, cool socks to keep your feet dry and a new dry suit specifically for kayak anglers.

New Footwear
Look for three new footwear styles. The Seeker is a low cut flexible shoe specifically for low volume boats. The Scout is an over the ankle bootie. It won't have a zipper to break like so many shoes I have used in the past. An finally they will be putting out the Nomad which is a calf height neoprene mukluk. What is unique about this is that it will have a light weight waterproof/breathable gaiter rather then big, bulky neoprene.
Kokatat Nomad Boots
Dry Feet
Don't like getting your feet wet when launching or landing your canoe/kayak? If so, then you need to get the Launch Sock. It is a large waterproof sock that goes over your bare or socked feet and cinches up with an elastic cord around the knees.
Kokatat Oversocks

New Dry Suit
Kayak Anglers will be happy to know that Kokatat has redeveloped their popular SuperNova paddling suit. The new version has more protective cordura below the waist for protection against tackle and fish including a covered relief zipper making it easier to haul in the big one.

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David Johnston

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