New North Water Gear: PaddleBritches

Thursday, 27 November 2008
North Water PaddleBritchesI just got a press release in the mail for a really cool looking piece of gear from our friends at North Water. Behold the PaddleBritches!

Looking like a pair of doll pants, the PaddleBritches strap to your front deck allowing you to secure your spare paddle securely yet still be accessible quickly if you need them.

My moving your spare paddle from the typical location on the rear deck, they are easier to get at if you find yourself upside down or in larger surf and you lose your main paddle.

North Water PaddleBritchesThis looks like a really interesting product as I have had trouble sorting out a location for my spare paddle. I tend to throw it on my back deck as it fits under the bungees better. Over the years, I tried various set-ups on the front deck but the paddles keep getting washed off or banged around. This could be the solution indeed.

A couple a cool features that are built in to the Britches. They added stiffeners so you can slide the paddle shaft in quickly without getting caught. Also, they notched out an area so it doesn't cover up inset deck compasses.

The product has just been released so they should be at your local paddling shop just in time for the holidays. With a ticket price of $29.95, it won't break the bank.

More info: North Water

David Johnston

David Johnston

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