McMurdo Unveils Fast Find PLBs – Goes after the SPOT Market

Friday, 13 February 2009
Fast Find PLBMcMurdo introduced their new Fast Find PLB's at the Miami International Boat Show is past weekend and the new units look very impressive.

Obviously faced with competition from the SPOT Personal Messenger, McMurdo developed a very compact Personal Locator Beacon that weighs only 5.3oz (150g) and 1.34" (34mm) x 1.85" (47mm) x 4.17" (106mm) which is even more compact then the SPOT unit.

Look for two models to come on the market the Fast Find 200 and the Fast Find 210 with both units priced at around $299 or less. The 210 model has an integrated GPS transmitter onboard that is supposed to enable searchers to pinpoint your location quicker.

Paddlers should be aware that the unit doesn't float so you will need to tether it if you are planning to pull it on the water. It's rated waterproof for 30 feet or 10 meters for 5 minutes which doesn't make it as rugged as other SOLAS approved unites out there but remember tat the market is for recreational users, not commercial or industrial users.

Currently the device is in the process of becoming FCC approved. Once that is done, look for it at your local boat shop sometime towards the end of April.

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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