The top secret Navy boat is free to anybody who wants it. It could be mother ship of your dreams!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009
The Sea Shadow Navy Stealth BoatThe US Navy has a top secret ship that it doesn't need anymore and like a puppy at the pound, it's looking to give it away to a good home.

This isn't any old top secret ship but the super stealth, Sea Shadow. It's so stealth that I didn't even know it existed in real life until today.

The only catch is that if you want the top secret boat, you need to also take the not-so-pretty rusting floating barge that the Sea Shadow lives in. Why you ask? You need to keep it in there to keep the Russians from spying on you. It's true!

For the media buffs out there, yes it is the same boat that provided the inspiration for the super villain boat in the James Bond flick, "Tomorrow Never Dies".

Here is my idea of a business plan to submit to the Navy. You could use it to start a mothership business cruising up and down the coast; or even better use the boat to pick up the ladies. The big downside to it is that being stealth, they probably wouldn't see you until you were right beside them and that would be just creepy.

More Info: Wall Street Journal

David Johnston

David Johnston

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