Kokatat Finally Releases Ronin Pro Rescue PFD the US Market

Friday, 17 July 2009
Kokatat Ronin PFDKokatat has finally released their extremely well designed PFD, the Ronin Pro to US stores. It’s been available to us Canadians since 2007 and Europeans in 2008.

The Ronin become available to the US market due to regulation changes around type 5 rescue harness PFD’s. The new changes now allow manufactures to design PFD's that more closely meet the needs users.

“The success of this effort depended on the participation and cooperation of numerous experts, including representatives of UL, USCG, swiftwater rescue professionals, fire departments, recreational user groups, and other manufacturers,” explains Gibson Mokler - Kokatat PFD Compliance Officer. “Kokatat’s participation ensured that safe and truly UL/USCG compliant type 5 rescue harnessed PFD’s will again be available in the USA.”

I’m a big fan of this PFD. It’s a great design with some really nice practical features. I really like the thermal molded shoulder pads and an internal grip panel to keep the PFD from riding up when floating.

The best part of it is that the Ronin is made from PVC free Gaia foam. PVC foam is very hard on the environment due to the excessive gas release during the manufacturing process.

You will see this bad boy sitting on store shelves in spring 2010.

More info: kokatat.com

Update: Special thanks to Doug S. for helping me sort out poor wording in the above article. That is what I get for writing in front of the television!

David Johnston

David Johnston

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