Astral Rolls out Limited Edition PFD [Order Up!]

Thursday, 05 November 2009
Astral GreenJacket LE1Astral, makers of really cool looking PFD’s has just announced their new Limited Edition program or LE as the hip kids call it. The LE program will now offer their GreenJacket in small, limited edition batches built out of their home factory in Asheville, North Carolina.

What makes the new program cool is that these jackets will each have an artistic style so they will be much more unique then their mass produced jackets. Also, the jackets will be made in the US so they are also selling it as a method to help support American jobs here at home.

It’s an interesting idea from a business perspective. It allows Astral to test new colours and patterns in small batches with limited risk. It’s also a similar model to what clothing designer/retailer American Apparel does. When they build a new line of pants, they sell them as a small batch in a couple of stores in the US. If the pants sell well then they roll it out throughout the rest of the retail stores nation wide. If the pants end up being duds, they haven’t lost to much money mass producing them offshore.

Astral has just released their first limited edition model, the GreenJacket LE1 and boy does it look fantastic. It’s just a prototype design so no photos of the final product yet but I’m already sold on it.

Interested in reserving yours? Go here for more information.

Interested in donating your milk money to me so I can get my own? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for donation information. :)

Update [Nov 12] - Production photos have been released of the first one off the line. You can view the beauty here.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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