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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Looking for new camping gear to add to your Christmas list? Why settle for what every other kid in the campground has when you can express your uniqueness in "style".

To do that; shimmy up to your computer desk and type on over to thinkgeek.com where you will find all the stuff you need to fill your camping nerd needs.

Sushi Pillows
Sushi Pillow
Anybody is tries to tell you that a balled up t-shirt or fleece is the only way to go obviously has never camped in their life. Show nature that you care about it so much that you only eat it raw with the Sushi Pillow. Choose either shrimp nigiri, delicious salmon or even the tasty edamame. (More info - $44.99 - $59.99)

Bacon Soap
Bacon Soap
Probably not a good idea for bear country. Wait, do bears normally eat bacon? No? Ok you are good to go then. (More Info - $5.99)

Warcraft Dragonflights Stein
Warcraft Dragonflights Stein
Just think of the respect you will get from your fellow campers when you pull this baby out at dinnertime. You know it will be around longer then you will because it’s made of fine-grain stoneware with a solid pewter sculpted lid (or Hardcore Metal List as they describe it).

Ultralight campers also will be pleased to know that it only weighs 3 pounds so there is no worry that it will weight down your portage pack. What else do I need to do to sell it? Oh yes, it has dragons on it but don’t worry; it has Nozdorumu the Timeless One on it so you are safe. (More Info - $99.99)

BBQ Sword
Swashbuckling BBQ Sword
There is no reason whatsoever why you ever should be cooking hotdogs on a stick. It’s just so uncivil. You might as well just move back into that cave, learn to slouch and start grunting. (More Info - $24.99)

Broadsword Handle Umbrella
Broadsword Handle Umbrella
Are you a weird goth kid who doesn’t like the sun but keen your goth girl that you are comfortable out there in nature? Don’t worry, this umbrella will keep your skin as pasty as a vampire even after weeks of camping. If you are looking for proof, just look at the young lad in the customer submitted photo. You can tell right away that he is at one with nature! (More Info - $39.99)

Camping Goth Kid

David Johnston

David Johnston

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