Cracked Boat? Fix it Quick with the NSR-Sport Blue Light Cured Resin [Repair Goo]

Friday, 22 October 2010

NSR Repair KitThe kind folks from North Sea Resins sent me a sample of their recently introduced emergency repair kit for both plastic and fibreglass canoe or kayaks.

It’s slightly different then the many other repair kits on the market in that the curing process is activated by blue spectrum light and cures in under 30 seconds.

When I unboxed the kit, I was presented with a Camelbak water bottle (as a watertight storage container) filled with fibreglass cloth, a plastic applicator tab, a black syringe filled with resin, two sheets of sandpaper and a blue LED light to activate and cure the resin.

NSR Repair Kit - Spreading the GooOf course I wanted to try it out but sadly I don’t own a boat that currently has holes or cracks in it. To solve that problem I raced down to my local paddling school and found a white rental canoe that, well let’s say was slightly far from brand new. It was perfect with a large gauge in the bow that was left there from some loving renters this past summer. It was screaming to be fixed by some sort of resin providing it could be fixed in under 1 minute.

The repair process to fix a crack or hole is pretty simple. Sand down then clean the surface so the resin will stick then squeeze out a small amount of resin into the applicator tab (a small plastic square of acetate) and hold it to the wound. Finally, turn on the blue LED light and point it towards the resin. In 30 seconds (or less in my case) the resin is cured and as hard as a rock.

The great thing about it is that it’s designed to be used as an emergency repair but can be easily sanded smooth so a more cosmetically looking repair can be made when you get home.

NSR Repair Kit - Blue Light in ActionAnother good bonus is that the resin can be applied when even if the boat is wet. In fact, they market the same product for other uses including underwater pipe repair so you know that it will handle wet conditions.

As you can probably guess, 30 seconds is not a very long working time so my advice is to make sure you have everything ready and prepped before you squeeze out the goo. In fact, if you are repairing it on a bright sunny day, you might want to consider moving into the shade to help get a bit more time.

The other thing to remember is that even though they provide a strip of fibreglass cloth for larger repairs, due to the short working time, I feel it’s limited to smaller holes and cracks as apposed to a patch for fist sizes holes in your hull.

All in all, I think that the NSR-Sport is a great tool and should be repair kit of anybody who goes into the wilderness with a fibreglass or Kevlar canoe/kayak. Accidents happen but this will get you back on the water quicker then you think.

MSRP: $55
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David Johnston

David Johnston

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