Garmin Announces Updated eTrex GPS Models

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Garmin eTrex 30. Photo Credit: Garmin

Garmin has just announced an update to their very popular eTrex handheld GPS units. Updates include enhanced ergonomics, better user interface, expanded mapping capabilities as well as increased battery life (up to 25 hours now).

Part of the software redesign is to make the transfer of maps and syncing of way points considerably easier then older models.

Similar to before, the eTrex line-up includes three models that have been renamed. At the bottom-end of the lime, the eTrex 10 ($120) for is a basic GPS unit aimed at the budget conscious. It has a monochrome display designed primarily to tell you were you are and where the next waypoint is. The eTrex 20 ($200) adds a colour display and the ability to view topographic maps or marine charts. If you want an electronic compass and barometric altimeter then get the eTrex for $300.

Look for the new models to be available this Fall.

You might be interested in a couple free downloads we have in our Instructor Resource area (they are free!).

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Photo Credit: Garmin

David Johnston

David Johnston

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