Nothin' better then nano technology.

Thursday, 02 August 2007
I love Nano Technology. No idea that it is but if a company slaps nano in the name, it has GOT to be good and I'm all over it.

NanoHorizons Inc. and Faytex Corporation have announced a partnership to battle footwear odour. Faytex will now use SmartSilver antimicrobial/anti-odor nanotechnology in its Dri-Lex® shoe lining material.

This new shoe lining material is "is engineered at the nanoscale to impart permanent high-performance anti-odor/antimicrobial properties to natural and synthetic fibers and fabrics without compromising fabric design or integrity."

Wow, that has got to be good. If only they could work it into my neoprene booties. Now, that would progress... [Thanks to]
David Johnston

David Johnston

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