When you are 91, will you still be paddling like Natalie Loomis?

Tuesday, 26 August 2008
Natalie Lewis - 91 Year Old KayakerMeet Natalie Loomis. She lives in Marshfield, MA. She is 91 and easily the oldest paddler that I have ever heard of.

She still gets out paddling along the South River near her house as much as she can.

"I love to be on the water, to go up the marshes and see the wildlife," Loomis says, "There is a freedom, a joy in being on the water that you can't equal."

She is also quite active in her community working out at the local gym every day and reading to the blind on Monday afternoons.

The quote right at the bottom of the article was the best little nugget:
"[The grandkids] don't have to sit and talk to grandma," she says. "There are boats to go on in the river, they can swim, cook."

Do you know an older paddler? We want to know about them.

More info: patriotledger.com
Photo Credit: Gary Higgins

David Johnston

David Johnston

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