Abandoned Nuclear Lighthouses of Northern Russia

Tuesday, 06 January 2009
Lighthouse in Russia

The website, English Russia has a fantastic photo collection of a series of abandoned lighthouses that dot along the northern coast of Russia.

What makes these lighthouses unique is not the fact that they are very old, extremely remote, abandoned, falling apart, looted or just plain scary looking, it's that they were powered by a small atomic energy powerplant which could keep them going completely automated for years on end.

The lighthouses could keep time and date and was able to turn on its lights when they were needed and sent radio signals to nearby ships to warn them on their journey.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the unattended lighthouses kept on blinking into the night for some time but sadly, they fell into disrepair. Looters also got in and destroyed the equipment including the power reactors themselves so you as you can see; it isn't really safe to wander through.

I would be terrified trying to paddle up towards one of these monsters.

Lighthouse in Russia

Lighthouse in Russia - Inside

Lighthouse in Russia

To see the entire collection of photos, click through to English Russia.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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