Burmese men drift for 25 days on icebox after boat sinks

Monday, 19 January 2009
Surival IceboxTalk about a crazy survival story. Two Burmese men were just recently rescued off Torres Strait off Queensland after their fishing boat sank southeast of Indonesia. They survived for 25 floating in nothing but a giant icebox.

According to the newspaper article, their wooden boat splintered into the ocean and quickly sank. The only thing that was available was the icebox.

The men managed to survive by drinking rain water that gathered at the bottom of the box and by eating pieces of fish that were also in the container.

Update: Jim Miller from Werner Paddles posted a very appropriate link below to Cory Routh working over a new prototype fishing kayak with an emphasis on cold storage.

More info: news.com.au

David Johnston

David Johnston

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