Teenage kayaker critically injured in boat hit-and-run. Story takes a strange twist.

Wednesday, 04 March 2009
David Kenny "D.K." Ross was critically injured in a boat hit-and-run.Here is a terribly sad story that just turned a little weird. Earlier this week I found and shared on Google Reader the story of 14 year-old David Ross. David was out paddling his bright orange kayak on American Lake in Washington State when he was found by a fisherman floating face down in the water. David had been a victim of a tragic boat hit-and-run leaving him in critical condition.

David's injuries were severe and over the next 24 hours he went through five surgeries. He had broken ribs and a large gash in his head and the crash ruptured his spleen, which had to be removed. Doctors also had to remove part of his skull to relieve swelling of his brain.

No one witnessed the crash, but a 19- to 20-foot white pleasure craft had been speeding across the lake for most of the day. Otherwise American Lake had been quiet. Police are still looking for the boat but several searched have turned up no leads in the case.

The very tragic incident took a bit of a strange twist late Sunday night. It seems that a surgeon who operated on David was so upset about the accident that he decided to take out his frustration on a motorist on the way home.

Dennis J. Geyer, a Madigan Army Medical Center neurosurgeon was arraigned on Tuesday in connection with the incident. He is accused of beating a man with a thermos after the doctor was cut off. He told the police that that he was so upset over the hit-and-run accident he lost his mind.

Geyer later denied using the thermos as a weapon, but the 13-inch-tall steel container was found at the scene with several dents in it.

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David Johnston

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