Kayaker injured when metal falls from bridge

Tuesday, 28 April 2009
Trevor Church, 16, of Arden, was injured when a piece of metal fell from the Long Shoals Bridge and pierced his kayak. - Citizen-TimesHow much would this suck? 16 year old Trevor Church was paddling under the Long Shoals Road bridge in Arden, NC when a piece of metal fell from the bridge, pierced his kayak and cut his foot between is big toe and second toe.

The bridge was under construction at the time and the construction company said that there were signs warning boaters to stay in the center of the river due to the construction.

Trevor says that the construction crew were cheering him along as he was going under the bridge and he has seen other people standing under the bridge in the past.

A spokesperson for the construction company does not know exactly what caused the piece of metal, which was apparently a couple of feet long, to fall.

It took six stitches to patch up the wound in his foot, the plastic kayak looks like it could be a goner. Judging at the shape and age of the kayak, he was due for a new one anyways...

Broken Kayak. Photo Credit: citizen-times.comFull Story: citizen-times.com
Photo credit: citizen-times.com

David Johnston

David Johnston

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