For the why files: Jon McLaughlin starts 147-mile canoe trip standing up

Monday, 18 May 2009
On Sunday, Jon McLaughlin started a 17-day, 147 mile canoe trip along the New York portion of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. Officials feel this will be the first time that it will have been paddled standing up.

Ok, I'm all for kayak trips, canoe trips, stand-up surfing and even canoe poling (which is moving up rapids standing in a canoe with a long pole) but really; standing up in a canoe for 17 days so you can say you did it?

Please, somebody point out to me the really obvious reason that I'm missing so this whole thing can make sense...

Oh wait I get it now. Here is a quote from the article:

In an effort to bring attention to the sport of stand up canoeing, McLaughlin will stand-up paddle as much of the route as possible, testing himself on the windy northern end of Raquette Lake, Class III and IV rapids in the Saranac River and the unpredictable conditions of Lake Champlain.

That makes soooo much more sense... :)

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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