Could this week have BEEN any busier? [Poor Chandler Bing Impression]

Friday, 05 June 2009
Mad ScientistIt has been a super busy week for me and I apologize for the lack of new information for most of the week.

Things started off crazy last Saturday. My wife was helping to run a fun fair fundraiser for the local public school which was highly successful. No tears from our kids all day as they bounced on the inflatable castles and played the fun fair games. There was a haunted house set up by one of the parents who works with props in the movie industry. It is always super cool. My oldest was too scared to go in so I convinced the youngest that she needed to go as parents were not allowed in on their own. Highlights included the mad scientist room filled with the expected glass jars of weird goo and small animals floating around inside. Later I proved how good of a father I was of reminding the oldest that the youngest was braver then her…

That night, we were invited an after fun fair party for some of the key organizers which was fun. I didn’t really know everybody there so I always find those type of parties a little awkward and I find myself wishing I was at home however; I did meet the President of Warner Music Canada who is one of the parents of a student at the school. That was pretty fun as we spent a good half hour talking about the business of the music industry. I geek out on that sort of stuff.

Monday I had the first of a two night VHF licensing course. I have signed up twice in the past but both times I couldn’t actually go the classes because of one type of conflict or another. This time, I was determined to make it and complete the course.

Trent Reznor from Nine Inch NailsTuesday night I was able to go see Nine Inch Nails and Janes Addiction in concert. I have wanted to see NIN for many, many years so it was great to finally catch one of the legendary shows. Not disappointed at all even if we were sitting in the second last row and the band was about 2 inches tall. I just told myself that they were all short people and we were not really that far away. You can read a great review with a gallery here.

Wednesday night, I worked and tried to get caught up with some design work from taking two nights off to learn then rock.

Thursday night was the completion of the VHF course. I still need to schedule a date for the exam so I can get the paperwork sorted out. Looking ahead in the calendar it’s likely going to take at least a week before I can tackle it.

So what’s coming up in the future? Well, this weekend is the first weekend in at least 4 that both days haven’t been completely scheduled so I’m going paddling. It’s been that long since I was out last and my arms are quickly getting flabby like my mothers.

I teaching a map and compass clinic at Harbourfront next Tuesday night and I’m looking forward to that. Again, I’m going to open with my classic line for all nav clinics, “I’m glad you all found your way down here.” Good eh? It’s an open source comment so you are welcome to use it if you want.

Dukes of Hazzard CastNext weekend I’m teaching a couple of clinics at the Toronto version of the Mountain Equipment Co-op Paddlefest. I always look forward to that event. Running in the heart of Toronto, it’s a really accessible symposium that draws piles of non-paddling people. It’s a nice change from the old-white-guy-in-a-beard-events. I have got to double check the schedule but I think I’m up for teaching an intro kayaking clinic, a weather clinic (gotta work on a good opening line for that one) and a towing clinic. For the towing clinic, I’m going to need to work on my Cooter impression and figure out a way to bolt on a CB radio on the deck of my boat so I can call up Bo Peep to find the Lost Sheep...

Photo Credit: NIN - Roger Cullman

David Johnston

David Johnston

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