Life as a CBC Radio Camping Expert [Bad Radio Mustaches]

Tuesday, 07 July 2009
Kevin CallanIf you find yourself near a radio on Monday’s and you live in (or around) Canada tune it into your local CBC station to hear author, speaker and camper extraordinaire, Kevin Callan extol the wonders of camping, cooking and the great outdoors.

Kevin is best known for his fantastic guide books on canoe routes all over Ontario as well as his extremely funny slide presentations of camping mishaps over the years.

A posting on his blog yesterday explains what it is like to be scheduled for a solid 5 hour  mini interviews by nineteen cities across Canada for a solid 5 hour block. Interviews are 4-5 minutes with a two minute break in between city and the schedule is so tight that there is no room ot go pee unless a city decides to bail out on the interview leaving him with a 5 minute break.

Ahh the life of a famous radio person…

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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