Movie Trailer Review: Surviving Crooked Lake [Token Summer Camping Film]

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Surviving Crooked Lake Poster

I live a very busy life which leaves me with little time to sit and watch movies. That is why I like trailers, it knocks out all the fluff, distilling it down to the real essence of the movie (all 3 minutes worth). Using the trailer method for watching movies virtually guarantees never being disappointed with what you are watching. For example I have all my money riding on the new Transformers Movie to win the Oscar for Best Movie EVER!

Every summer Hollywood puts out some camping movie where everything goes wrong and Surviving Crooked Lake is no exception. Here is the first sentence on the Apple Trailer site: In this sensual, intense, indie feature drama, a quartet of teenage girls embark on a canoe camping trip with a slightly older male guide in the endless wilderness of the Canadian Shield.

With all the making of a high quality true-to-life flick, it’s got me hooked already! But what could go wrong to these four girls turning them into damsels in distress? Would you believe that, “romantic tensions erupt and disaster strikes, forcing the girls to face a gruelling and desperate trip back to civilization”?

Life changing is the only way that I can describe how awesome this movie trailer is.

When watching it for the 4th time, pay close attention to the scenery and you will see classic Northern Ontario Canadian Shield with lots of rock and Spruce trees. Oh yes, the movie buffs out there will be intrigued to know that this indie film was actually shot on Crooked Lake just outside of Sudbury, Ontario which is also the home of friend of the site and fellow instructor, Rick Wise of Horizons Adventures.

Rick mentioned that he is going to add this lake to his regular bus stop tour of famous movies shot in and around the Sudbury Area. He is excited as will now have one stop on the tour.

Look for it to open in Theatres on July 24.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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