BCU Instructor and Reverend, Bonnie Perry nominated for Bishop of Minnesota

Sunday, 02 August 2009
Reverend Bonnie PerryA huge congratulations goes out to Reverend Bonnie Perry, rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Chicago, Illinois who was recently one of three nominated to become the Bishop of Minnesota. Reverend Perry has been at All Saints Church for 17 years is absolutely loved in her community for the work she does.

Why am I talking about this you ask? Well, Bonnie is also a very serious Greenland paddler who teaches regularly at symposiums. In fact, she and I taught together at the very first Lake Superior Greenland Symposium in Wawa, Ontario several years ago. She is also a BCU 3* coach and an American Canoe Association Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor. Suffice to say, if she gets the Bishop nomination, she will hands down, be the highest qualified Bishop/Kayaking Instructor in the world.

For those keeping count, this isn’t the first time that she was nominated. She turned down a nomination in 2005 for Bishop of California but decided to let her name stand for Minnesota because get this, “The Minnesota Diocese's theology and proximity to Lake Superior, known among Native Americans as Lake Gitchigumi, one of her favourite kayaking destinations, led her to answer this call, she said.”

That’s a very dedicated woman both to people’s souls and their kayaking skills!

Reverend Bonnie PerryOf course this isn’t without controversy. Reverend Perry was one of three gay priests nominated for Bishop positions around the USA. Two were nominated as Assistant Bishops in Los Angeles this week as well. There is a whole pile of articles covering the story here, here, here and here.

If the nomination goes through; there is no word on if she is still teaching that ACA instructor course she is directing in September...

More info: chicagobreakingnews.com (information about her kayaking background)

David Johnston

David Johnston

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