2010 Kayak Expedition Round-Up [Serious Mileage]

Wednesday, 06 January 2010
Hayley Shephard and her South Georgia Island Expedition2009 was a solid year for major kayak expeditions with the biggest one being that girl who paddled around that little island called Australia.

2010 is also shaping up to be a banner year for expeditions taking place all over the world. Here is a breakdown on a few to keep an eye out for:

First Sea Kayak Attempt of South Georgia Island
On January 22 Hayley Shephard is heading out to South Georgia Island and attempt to be the first person to solo kayak around the sub-Antarctic island. The expedition is called “Kayaking to Save the Albatross” and will highlight illegal fisheries and the outdated techniques used in the current long line fishing industry.

Hayley is no stranger to big trips; in 1999 she was the first woman to solo around Vancouver Island as well as circumnavigate around Haida Gwaii in 2005.

More info: www.kayakingtosavealbatross.com

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Portage to Portage Paddling Project

Jacob StachovakIf you like following trips that involve big mileage, Jacob Stachovak’s expedition will perk your interest. He is currently on a 5000 mile expedition called the Portage to Portage Paddling Project that will take him down the Mississippi River, across the Gulf of Mexico, up the east coast to New York, through a series of canals to Lake Ontario then through the Great Lakes back Portage, Wisconsin. Whew, that’s quite a trip! Here is a map of the route.

Jacob describes his trip best. “What I hope this trip does do is show people how paddle sports can open up a world of adventure right near home.  I also hope that the route itself (starting and ending in the same small town in Wisconsin, linked by a continuous loop of water around a third of our country) shows how we all are linked by water.  Perhaps with an appreciation for watersports and the realization that we all share the same water we may be motivated to take care of it for the future.”

The Portage to Portage expedition has not been without some adventures already. He got iced-in towards the beginning of the trip and had to start again further south along the Mississippi River. Later, he got a huge pile of gear stolen when he was in town getting new supplies. To make matters worse, a couple of days ago he got pepper sprayed by a group of woman as a joke just outside of Vicksburg, Mississippi. Good times, good times.

Thankfully Jacob was able to recover some of his gear as well as get cleaned up at the local hospital so he could see again after the pepper spray attack. He is back on the river heading south but reading his blog he is worried about getting through New Orleans so check his blog if you live in that area and give him hand if you can!

Jacob has a Spot Tracker so you can follow along and know exactly where he is.

More info: www.portagetoportage.com

1000kms4kids Raises both Hearts and Money
Charles Seaman, Chris Cumming and Ben Fasnacht are currently paddling around Tasmania to help raise $100,000 for both Cerebral Palsy Tasmania and Ronald McDonald House.

They have a very organized collection program organized that involves donation tin cans at ever McDonald’s and IGA Grocery store across Tasmania.

More info: 1000kms4kids.blogspot.com

Dave Cornthwaite Goes Out On a Great Big Paddle
Dave Cornthwaite skateboarding across Australia.Dave Cornthwaite is also no stranger to endurance journeys. Back in 2006 he set a world record when he skateboarded across Australia. Now he is 1/3 through a series of expeditions taking him through to 2012. This past fall he kayaked 2476km down Australia’s longest river, The Murray filming a documentary and raising awareness on how important that endangered river is to the Australian people who live along its banks.

Now that the river portion is completed, he will be preparing for phase two which starts in July, 2010. There he will change modes of transportation and stand-up paddle (SUP) from UK to Africa via the English Channel, French waterways and the Mediterranean coast.

Page three starts in 2011 and Dave is planning on paddling the whole length of the Amazon River. Depending on how the UK to Africa trip goes, Dave is either going to paddle the Amazon sitting in a kayak or standing on a board. That trip distance is over 6000km so it’s nothing to sneeze at.

And what is it all for you ask? The Great Big Paddle was set-up is to help raise funds for the AV Foundation which helps East African schools benefit from new solar and water systems. They make sure that electricity and safe, potable water is available for all.

The Great Big Paddle hopes to raise £50,000 ($80,000US).

More info: www.thegreatbigpaddle.com

David Johnston

David Johnston

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