More ambitious kayak expeditions for 2010

Monday, 11 January 2010
The Atlantic Odyssey RouteSince my recent post about kayak expeditions to watch for this year, several readers have sent me links to other trips that are also the works. Of course I can’t highlight them all but here is another wave of trips that are so exciting that I wish I was out there with them. Instead, I’m going to sit here at the computer and pretend that I have already paddled the routes. That strategy is going to be a big hit at parties.

The Atlantic Odyssey
In January Glenn Charles will be heading off from Key West, Florida and paddle north 3300 miles up the Atlantic coastline all the way to Nova Scotia.

The eight-month journey is being done in conjunction with the One Ocean Project and the Wilderness Classroom Organization. The One Ocean project is a non-profit organization that uses human powered transportation to educate and create awareness about the mutual benefits that the community-at-large derives from a balanced use of the world’s oceans, rivers and Great Lakes. The Wilderness Classroom, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving students' core academic skills and appreciation for the environment by introducing elementary and middle school students to the wonders of exploration and wilderness travel.

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Circumnavigation of Quebec and Labrador
Where to go? Photo Credit: Mathieu JeanMathieu Jean is planning a massive expedition which will take over two years to complete. Starting this spring, he is going to paddle out of Trois-Rivieres and attempt to circumnavigate counter clockwise around the Quebec and Labrador. He needs to do it over two years as there just isn’t enough time to paddle the 10,000 kilometres (6200 miles) shoreline in one season.

His website is currently only in French but Adventure Kayak Magazine did an interview with him recently about the trip which you can read here.

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The Kimberley Kayak Expedition
Next month a group of international world class paddlers will join up with Australian kayaker, Anthony Yap and paddle down the monsoon-flooded Fitzroy River in the heart of the Western Australian outback.

The six-week whitewater expedition will be used to raise awareness to fight the proposed industrialization of that pristine region including damming, coal mining and large-scale agriculture.

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