Kids Book Review: Kayak Anna and the Palindrome Creek

Thursday, 14 January 2010
Kayak Anna and the Palindrome CreekIf you have young readers in your household take a look at the new book, Kayak Anna and the Palindrome Creek by author and paddler, Lina Lukashevich.

The story is about 11-year-old Anna who finds adventure and mystery via a mysterious kayak she finds. Along the way she learns about the importance of protecting our water water how to fight polluters.

I’m always a big fan of books that include kayaks, leeches and trolls.

Lina was very kind to send a review copy of the book to my oldest daughter Emily who is 8.75. Like any kid, she doesn’t get a whole pile of mail so when she get got the book in the mail addressed to her from the author she was over the moon.

Emily read through the book over the Christmas holidays and here is a quick review in her words:

[blockquote]Kayak Anna is about a girl named Anna.

One day she goes to a yard sale and she is looking around and that kind of thing and she sees in the garage a pink kayak. She asks the owner if she can buy it and he says yes.

Anna paddles down the creek in search of her dog, Beasterfield who ran away. This starts an adventure filled with trolls, whirlpools and spinning moths.

I felt the best part of the story is when they have the big ducky race and when Anna gets to be the KCCC leader (leader of the lake).

I would recommend the book to kids and anybody who like kayaking or is just learning how to kayak.

Emily Johnston, creator of Mermaids are Real! .ca[/blockquote]
Another great thing about this book is that all profits from the book are donated to Living Water International. They provide safe clean drinking water for children around the world.

You can get your copy for only $9.99 via

David Johnston

David Johnston

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