New direct bus service from Toronto to Algonquin Park [No car needed]

Wednesday, 02 June 2010

Photo Credit: bobcatnorth

Live in Toronto and don’t own a car but looking to get out of the city? There is a brand new service called Park Bus which provides express service out of Toronto. For about $84 return, they will provide transportation from various pick-up points in the city and drop you off in beautiful Algonquin Park.

To keep things simple (especially for beginners) they have several different planning options depending on what you want to do. You can find info on how to plan your trip logistics based if you want to backpack, canoe, or camp in a campsite. If you don’t have any gear, they also provide all-inclusive trips to make things even easier.

Photo Credit: mungobahThe idea of using the Park Bus is very slick. For example, if you want to go canoe camping in the interior of the park all you need to do is make your reservation to camp, book a bus ticket and show up at the stop with your gear in tow. Three and a half hours later you are dropped of at either Algonquin Outfitters on Lake Opeongo or the Portage Store on Canoe Lake where you pick up your rented canoe and go.

The best part is that you don’t need to deal with the two worst things about camping. Fighting to get your canoe tied to the roof of your car and fighting traffic to get to the relaxation.

According to the website, the goal of Park Bus is to decrease the number of cars traveling to the park as well as to make the park accessible for those people who do not own a vehicle.

As somebody who doesn’t own a car and also hates to drive, this is a program I could get behind for sure.

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David Johnston

David Johnston

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