Kayaker Attacked by Great White During 7 Mile Crossing [Chomp]

Thursday, 05 August 2010

Taking on Water - Photo Credit: Duane Strosaker

Duane Strosaker from the website rollordrown.com is counting himself lucky after he survived an attack by a great white shark back on Monday (August 2). The excitement occurred during a 7 nautical mile crossing back to Gaviota State Beach, CA. Around 12:40 a shark swam up beside him and gently took a big bite.

Shark Attack - Photo Credit: Duane Strosaker

It attacked from my left side, with its head coming up from the water only a few feet from my kayak. There was not a hard impact. It bit my kayak where my left foot was located inside the hull, and its mouth wrapped half way around the hull. My left foot was actually inside the jaws of the shark but protected by the kayak.

The shark held onto my kayak for 10-15 seconds, during which it seemed relaxed and was not moving. Its head was huge, and I remember seeing its eye and a hole on the side of its head, as well as its gray skin. I put the left tip of my paddle against the shark’s head, and I thought about hitting the shark, but I didn’t want to anger it or make it thrash. The whole time the shark was latched onto the kayak with my foot inside, I was screaming like a little girl.

You can read the full and amazing story here: rollordrown.com

Photo Credit: Duane Strosaker

David Johnston

David Johnston

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