Protecting our World Leaders in Cottage Country Can Get Expensive [G8/G20]

Thursday, 23 September 2010

G8 and African leaders

The Canadian Government released documents today outlining all the expenses related to the world's most expensive weekend party G8/G20 Summits which were held in Huntsville and Toronto back in June 2010. No final tally has been revealed yet but it’s estimated that the total cost (which was three days long) is nearly $1.24 billion Canadian dollars.

Police keep an eye on the G8 Summit designated speech area outside Huntsville, Ontario. Photo Credit: ReutersThat seems a tad expensive you might say? Well the politicians in charge of the event had this to say today, “Of course it was expensive. We were up in cottage country so a lot of camping gear was required. Look at the expense report and you will see it’s all justified. We shopped around. Yes, we bought $14,306 worth of bug shirts from Mountain Equipment Co-op but they were the cheapest we could find. If we went to a small camping retailer, it would even be more expensive!”

Other outdoor related expenses include:
$13,000 for "miscellaneous textiles, headgear and umbrellas"
$300,000 for sun screen and insect repellant
$12,747 for sun, rain, bug shelters and coolers from La Barron Outdoor Products Ltd.
$14,306 for bug jackets from Mountain Equipment Co-op

Oh yeah, that didn't include the $57,000 to build an indoor fake lake in Toronto so the media could pretend they were three hours north in cottage country.

More info:
Top Flickr Photo Credit: The Prime Minister's Office
Second Photo Credit: Reuters

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David Johnston

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