New Lifesaving Device Will Make Even Bazooka Joe Happy [Rescue Gear]

Thursday, 07 October 2010

The LONGREACH Buoyancy Deployment System

While this will unlikely never become standard rescue gear for paddlers, The LONGREACH Buoyancy Deployment System is a bazooka type tool that enables a "rapid conveyance of temporary, water-activated buoyancy devices to a drowning victim’s location."

The LONGREACH Buoyancy Deployment SystemSounds pretty technical but the design is pretty simple. The bullet shot towards the victim in need is made of hydrophobic foam that expands into a life ring in about 15 seconds after it comes in contact with water. It also comes with a flashlight for attracting attention as well as flares for night-time rescue.

Designed to shoot over 150m, it’s intended to give quick flotation for the victim while emergency services implement a more comprehensive plan for rescue.

The LONREACH Buoyancy Deployment System won the James Dysen Award and was invented 24-year-old Samuel Adeloju. He was awarded £10,000 for himself, and another £10,000 for his engineering faculty at the University he graduated from in New South Wales.

More info: [Via Gizmodo]

David Johnston

David Johnston

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