Contest Alert! Design Your Own Folbot Kayak for Massive Prizes

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Folbot LogoLast week we talked about a new custom kayak option that Folbot Kayaks rolled out. You can read the full article explaining the process but the short version is that Folbot now offers custom printed kayaks for some models. All you need to do is to email them a photo or pattern and they will custom print it directly on your folding kayak. At the end of the day you get a kayak that is as original as your fingerprints.

This got me thinking that it’s about time that run its first contest. So it makes me very proud to announce (in partnership with Folbot) the, “Design your own Folbot” contest.

It’s easy to enter. Grab one of the official Folbot design templates below. If you have photoshop you can make use of the layered file. If you don’t, grab the .jpg image and fire up your trusty graphic design software. (See the Q&A section below).

jpg Kayak Template - Blank (JPG)
jpg Kayak Template - Sample (JPG)
zip Kayak Template (Photoshop File)

When you are happy with your dream custom kayak, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in and we will post it in the contest gallery. Our highly qualified judges will pick the best two designs to win fabulous swag from Folbot including a waterproof electronic case to the first place winner courtesy of

Please read through the Q&A below for more details and remember that we are a family site so keep your design clean and everybody will be happy. If I think it’s to risqué it isn’t going up.

Just remember, you don’t have much time. The contest closes December 7th, 2010 at midnight so get on it pronto! To help start your imagination, I posted my submission if I was allowed to enter. I’m calling it The Rock Star. Click on the kayak for a larger version. I have got a top secret prize to the first person who comments below with the names of each person and their band photographed. Look at that. A contest within a contest!

The Rock Star

Your questions, my answers

I have no graphic design software but I want to enter? What do I do?
No problem. You can use Paint on your windows computer or you can use one of the many online image editors out there. or are two good places to start.

What photos can I use?
Let your imagination run wild. Just remember that this is a family site so you need to keep the design clean. If you use photos, you need to make sure that they are either yours, in the public domain or they have a creative commons licence.

Where can I get free photos?
Good question. Don’t steal them. Flickr has an advanced search feature specifically for images licensed for non-commercial use. Start there. If you do use other people’s photos you must provide a photo credit.

David Johnston

David Johnston

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