Fun facts of the day [Ducks]

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

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  • Did you know that a group of ducks in the water is called a paddling?1

For ducky facts for extra points and admiration from your friends:

  • Ducks' feet have no nerves or blood vessels. This means ducks never feel the cold, even if they swim in icy cold water.2
  • All of the Peking ducks in the United States are descendents from three ducks and one drake imported to Long Island, New York in 1873.2

Rob gave it 32 seconds more thought then I did and quickly concluded that it doesn't make sense that ducks feet wouldn't have blood vessels as the tissue would just die. I can't believe I got dupped by! The story as to why ducks feet don't get cold is interesting. There are a bunch of good links below in the comments. Apparently they have a type of vein heat exchanger to warm up the cold blood as it flows back into the core.

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David Johnston

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