Paddle to Seattle Film Streaming Online Now [Limited Time]

Thursday, 02 December 2010
Paddle to Seattle

If you haven’t seen the charming and very funny sea kayaking expedition film, Paddle to Seattle then you have been missing out on a real gem.

It’s the story of J.J. Kelly and Josh Thomas’s 1,300 mile adventure down the coast from Alaska to Seattle in sea kayaks they built before starting the journey. It’s a great film with fabulous scenery and extremely witty commentary thrown in throughout to keep it light hearted.

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Paddle to Seattle has also been very successful on the Film Festival circuit winning many “Best of” awards over the past year.

If you haven’t seen Paddle to Seattle yet we have some good news. PBS is streaming it live until the end of January, 2011 so get comfortable and prepare yourself for a good time.

Paddle to Seattle - Early morning

Watch the full episode. See more Reel NW.

You might be asking yourself, “Now that their latest adventure is over what are they doing now?” Well, they are currently in India working their way along the Ganges River. According to their twitter feed (@PaddleToSeattle) the boys recently sold the rickshaw they were using and bought a local’s row boat to paddle 300km down the river. The twitter feed is a great way to follow along with their great adventure in as close to real time as you can get.

Photo credits: Paddle to Seattle

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David Johnston

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