Look Who’s Paddling Now: Prince Andrew in the Northwest Territories

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Prince Andrew in the Northwest Territories. Photo credit: Michael Peake

Prince Andrew just got back from a 12-day, 218-mile canoe trip down the Horton River in the North West Territories. In the photo above he is paddling in an Ontario built, Nova Craft Canoe with a Kokatat PFD and a properly attached whistle to boot. The outfitter set him up with good gear.

Prince Andrew is a huge fan of canoeing and caught the bug after attending Ontario’s Lakefield College School back in the late 1970’s as an exchange student. Since then he has returned to Canada numerous times to go paddling. The last major trip he did was back in 2007 when he paddled down the Natla and Keele Rivers (also in the North West Territories). We covered that trip here.

Of course the UK newspaper, the Daily Mail covered the story. The article is awesome and well worth clicking through for a read. It’s obviously written by somebody who has both never camped and has no desire to ever, ever get out there. It’s obvious by the emphasis on the hardships of the trip and the fact that they write a full paragraph on the lack of shaving and bathing facilities. Oh the humanity!

[blockquote]The holiday, which was organised by Canoe North Adventures, owned by his old classmate Al Pace, started on July 10 when Andrew, 51, took a float plane, specially designed to land on water, to the remote Northwest Territories.


Each night the group camped out under the stars, feasting on fish caught that day in the river. There were no means of shaving – hence Andrew’s beard – and the only method of bathing was to plunge into the chilly waters.


The group even had a couple of close encounters with grizzly bears.[/blockquote]

Photo credit: Michael Peake

David Johnston

David Johnston

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